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A Langar Hall Wedding - Andreea & Matthew

Such a beautiful day spent celebrating with Andreea & Matt at Langar Hall.

One of my last weddings to be restricted by 'Covid rules' but in no way did this wedding feel held back.

Andreea looked stunning in her unconventional wedding outfit and effortlessly outshone even the scorching sunshine that blessed their special day. Matt, also looking suave let his emotions show as his beautiful bride joined him at the front of the aisle.

Congratulations guys! You smashed it!

Songs sourced through 'Retreat' by Gold Coast 4SQVUH0DNJHHKXYL

Great Working with...

Make up artist - Jane Ball

Hairstylist - Gemma Hartshorne

A Daniel Yates Film / A Langar Hall wedding - Andreea & Matthew

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