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Alex & Adam - Happily Ever After - The Pear Tree at Purton

"We are both teachers and so we spend our days planning, marking & educating! Adam is always training for the next Triathlon event he’s booked and I am usually found planning out next trip to Disney! We love spending time together and with our families who we are incredibly close to! The most important things to us are that we make each other laugh every day and that we support each other to achieve our dreams!

In 2019 We were on a family holiday in Orlando, Florida. Adam suggested that the two of us went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for the day by ourselves as everybody else had other plans which mainly involved sunbathing and relaxing by the pool… or so I thought!

When we arrived at the park, Adam gave me the first of many clues which led to each ‘land’ within the Kingdom. Once I solved the clue, we found the ride that it related to and then I was given the next one! … The whole time we were walking round, I was thinking to myself, surely he’s not going to propose when all of my family are in Florida but nobody is at the park today…! Little did I know, they had all been planning it for months and when we arrived at ‘It’s A Small World’, my whole family were there with balloons! I was then given a couple more clues which finally led me to the front of Cinderella’s Castle where Adam proposed and then asked… Is this close enough to the castle for you?! … It was shortly before the afternoon’s show on the stage so there was a huge crowd gathered around who whooped and cheered whilst I ugly cried!!

Best. Proposal. Ever.

When planning for the wedding we visited many venues that were more local to us but there was always something not quite right… the size, the location, the food, the general ambiance… or in some cases, the spooky photographs of Lords & Ladies that littered the ceremony room…! I found the Pear Tree by complete chance and when we first viewed it, it was nothing more than building plans! Once the restorations and renovations had taken place, we visited again and booked it without a second thought. We loved how modern it was on the inside, but how grand and old it was on the outside. Not to mention… the chandeliers in the ceremony room look like something out of Beauty & The Beast! Unbeknownst to me, Adam lived about 3 minutes away from the venue when he was a child so the sentimental factor was there too!

Ever since ‘DKJ Weddings’ was a thing… I’ve always said I would have Daniel film my wedding because he's hilarious (surprisingly, I wasn’t paid to say that) and so makes anyone feel at ease! The style of the videos he creates are something we love as a couple and the professionalism of them means they’re something we can treasure for years to come. It’s important that we had our wedding filmed as we have heard from so many people that the day goes by so quickly! I think as a couple, it’s probably quite easy to miss a lot of things that happen before the ceremony and whilst we are having photos etc, so hopefully we’ll have an insight throughout the day as a whole! We also want to be able to share it with our families who can’t be with us.. and of course, I’ll be watching it every week!"

It was an absolute honour to share your special day with you both!

Great working with...

Angi Todd (Cake)

Tamilla Gashimova (Violinist)

Song sourced through 'Endless Seas' by Caleb Etheridge APQK0ANWJBXYFW1O 'Willow' by Emorie JAAJ1KGGXN8GCUEV

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