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Ailise & Sam - Blackwell Grange

Sam is an accountant and I am a full time mum, we spend most our weekends doing family activities with the kids or seeing grandparents this is what is most important to us, but our plans are to travel as much as possible as a family in the future and make memories together

Sam proposed to me on my favourite day of the year… Christmas Day! It was in our very first house on our first Christmas in the house and he surprised me with an ‘extra’ present which was the ring, it was exactly how I would have planned it! We are quite private and hate any fuss haha god help us on the wedding day

Blackwell Grange was the first place we visited and it just Felt right and we felt comfortable there

We chose you as our videographer because I have the worst memory and would also like our kids to be able to watch it when they are older.

Our biggest hope for the wedding is that everyone feels relaxed and has a fun day!

Great working with...

Photographer: Katie Ingram

Florist : Roxy from Willow & wild

Ceremony band; Unity String Quartet

Hair stylist: Alice Olivia

Song sourced through

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