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A Wedding Video to last a lifetime


You've made it this far and it's genuinely heartwarming to know that you've connected with my films and, hopefully, with me as a person (on paper, at least). I'm beyond thrilled to potentially be a part of your big day and help you hold onto those incredible memories for years to come.

To keep things simple I offer a single base package that will give you everything you need to cherish your wedding day memories. There's also a host of extras should you wish to enhance your wedding package. No matter which options you decide on, you'll always get me, starting three hours before the ceremony and sticking around until up to an hour after the first dance, I'll be there, working like a ninja to capture every single moment that makes your wedding truly special. Trust me, I'll be on a mission to document the essence of your day, so you can have an epic film that'll make your heart skip a beat whenever you watch it. It's gonna be a keepsake you'll cherish forever!​​​

Drop me a message to request
my up to date pricing guide

  • Do you have a Drone?
    I do indeed and what's more I don't charge any extra for using it. I really only like to use if for venue establishing shots as the noise and general disruption goes against my ninja like ethos. But if you have other ideas I'm always happy to discuss. There is a caveat however, I can only fly it if the venue and area have the required permissions and also if the weather optimal ie low winds and no rain etc.
  • How far do you travel?
    I've travelled all over the UK and overseas to create wedding videos. Whilst I'm based in Leicestershire there is no limit to the distance I will travel.
  • Do we need to meet before the big day?
    I encourage couples to have a zoom call at point of enquiry and a month before the big day so we can confirm timings.
  • Can we add extras after booking?
    Yes you absolutely can! You can upgrade to the second shooter option pre wedding (depending on availability). After the big day, you can add on additional videos any time up to your first anniversary.
  • What's the benefit of having a second shooter?
    I've been filming weddings solo for years and whilst I'm absolutely capable of doing so, as a solo shooter there are times when I can't be in two places at once. Yes I shoot with multiple cameras but it isn't possible to guarantee your partners reaction during the ceremony or even that someone hasn't obscured the view. A second shooter also allows dedicated footage of your partner during prep (should you want it) and a wealth of extra footage to what I can capture alone.
  • What if you are unable to attend?
    If for whatever reason I was suddenly unable to attend your wedding day (it would take a lot) I'm part of an excellent network of equally talented videographers whom I can call upon to assist. If this isn't possible I would refund all monies paid as per the contracted agreement.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes I am fully insured for personal and public liability.
  • How long are you with us on the wedding day?
    As standard I/we arrive 3 hours before the ceremony and stay up to an hour beyond the first dance.
  • We hate being in front of a camera
    More of a statement than a question but who doesn't? I often say within 10 minutes of us being there you won't care anymore. We carry small cameras similar to photography cameras so they're not in your face. The majority of the time were filming from the far side of the room without your knowledge and during your couples shoot with the photographer we tend to let them direct whilst we capture candidly in the background. We're told often that the majority of the time you don't even realise we're there.
  • How long does it take to receive the final films?
    A typical turnaround is 4-5 weeks but peak season it can take up to 12 weeks to return your wedding video. Regardless, I will keep you updated along the way. I also offer an express turnaround should you need it sooner.
  • Can we pick the music for the film?
    I will select a music score that supports your wedding video as this best expresses the emotions and helps the film to remain timeless.
  • Can we review the film before its finalised?
    I'll always send you the completed wedding video first to view and make sure it's ok to share publicly. The biggest part of my advertising is through the word of mouth from sharing your lovely films so I do hope it's ok with you. In terms of alterations I'll always amend any technicalities but creative control stays with me.
  • How far in advance are we best to book you?
    I get booked to film weddings typically 1-2 years in advance and I only take on a select number of weddings a year. Please don't hesitate to get in touch regarding your wedding video to avoid disappointment.
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