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Kelly & Sam - Villa Di Ulignano // Tuscany

When Kelly and Sam reached out to myself and Lee Glasgow Photography to film their Italy Wedding, their was a resounding YES! from us both. After booking our flights and packing our summer clothes we set off to Tuscany ready for that typical blistering heat destination wedding set up. But a more professional duo would have checked the weather reports first. Italy's May was currently experiencing November weather and it wasn't long before we were visiting the clothes stores of Volterra looking for some warmer gear.

On the morning of the wedding, our planner cautioned that it might be wise to hold the ceremony indoors due to the threat of rain. But we all risked it regardless and were quickly met with a light shower that lasted the duration of the ceremony. Both Kelly and Sam saw the funny side to this and it in know way dampened the spirits for what went on to be a gorgeous, intimate occasion.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Smith!

It was a real pleasure sharing this amazing event with my favourite wedding photographer and all round hilarious sidekick (not sure which one of us is the sidekick) Lee Glasgow Photography

Bride groom shadows
The Bride

The Groom

Bride and Bridesmaids
Team Bride

Brother of the Bride
The Proud Brother

Father & Sons
The Smith's

Mother of the Bride
The Doting Mother

The Wedding Party
The Bridal Team

wedding guests
An Occasion to Celebrate

bride and groom amongst roses
Two Roses between Roses

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