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Lydia & Matt - Mythe Barn

Lydia & Matt met in March 2007 through a mutual friend in Atherstone. They spent the summer being incredibly awkward. Matt asked Lydia to be his girlfriend on 22/09/2007.

Matt proposed when they were on holiday in Mexico. Lydia loves setting the camera up on self timer and so whilst they were having pictures on the beach, Matt proposed and they got a picture of the moment. Matt proposed on 20/09/2016.

The most annoying about each other...

Lydia: I can't think of what is the most annoying thing but when Matt annoys me, I pull a particular face at him and I hope you can capture this on the day!

Matt: it annoys me that Lyd is better than me at practical things and also that she is always right. It also annoys me when I turn out to be right and she can't accept this and pulls the face.

And the best thing?...

Lydia: We have grown up together and we have grown to be the perfect other half for each other (very soppy). Matt is also incredibly supportive beyond what I could really ask him to be.

Matt: Lyd is a very caring person and does more than most people would to help others. She is very selfless.

Why did you choose Mythe Barn and why was it important to have a wedding video?

Mythe Barn is a beautiful venue and close to the church where we got married.

We knew that we wouldn't be able to take in all of the day and we wanted to be able to relive our special moments. Daniel Yates Films was recommended to us a numerous times through our photographer, other videographers, but most importantly Mythe Barn itself.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Happily Married! We would be celebrating 22 years together! Lydia is pursuing her qualification in Clinical Psychology so hopefully she will be a Doctor by then. We will hopefully have two children who are happy and healthy. We will probably have moved house.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jones, you nailed it!

Great working with...

Venue - Mythe Barn

Photographer - Chris Denner

Florist - Garden Rose

Suits - Marc Darcy

Hair and Makeup - Louise, Diamond Divas (Derby)

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