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Sarah & Jamie - Flash Farm Narborough

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

To sum us up.... we love country life. Jamie is a farmer and Sarah loves her horses. Life revolves around these things. our hobbies and work. We have recently moved to our dream property (although a rough diamond) Bullpit Farm is the new chapter in our lives. we have a lot of work ahead to make it how we want it but we are finally living our best life with our cocker spaniel Maggie!

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR WEDDING VENUE OVER OTHERS? I have always wanted a church wedding. The church is where my family have been married, christenings and my grandad is buried there. As "young farmer" we have been to a lot of this "style" wedding. Traditional church and party atmosphere in a marque back at Jamie's family farm.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE YOUR WEDDING DAY FILMED AND WHY DID YOU PICK ME? You came HIGHLY recommended. A lot of my friends regret not having their day filmed as it flew by and they cant remember much. I want to relive it for a long time and want special parts capturing.

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST HOPE FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY? The fact we can all be together again after such a terrible 18 months. I don't want the C word (Covid) to dominate too much and although restrictions I want to make it as "normal" as possible. I fear my emotions will get the better of me as we reunite with all our important people in our lives. I want people to talk, laugh, smile and enjoy each others company again. and of course marry my best friend and start the next chapter in our lives. A bit of sunshine would also be nice!

Great Working with...

A Daniel Yates Film - Sarah & Jamie - Flash Farm Narborough

Song sourced through @ 'Ode To Mothers' by Wes Taylor HRXGJYDVEZ3EVITX

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